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7 Reasons You Might Have Yellow Teeth

The power of a photograph has never been stronger with Instagram and other social media outlets in our lives. If not Instagram, maybe milestones, like a grandson graduating from college or university or your daughter getting married, could lead you to think:
“I don’t want my yellow teeth to show up in those pictures anymore.”

Enough is enough, you want those white teeth now (and who wouldn’t?)!

So how do we fix it? It all starts with finding out the cause of what is making your teeth yellow. Not every fix is whitening!

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7 Reasons For Yellow Teeth:

“I smoke or use tobacco products.”

Nicotine and tar are to blame. These items cause teeth to turn yellow, or brown depending on the quantity used.

“I need to brush how often… and floss too?!”

Are you brushing and flossing as often as your dentist recommends? If not, it is time to start. When plaque isn’t properly removed, it could cause yellow stains. However, if you don’t remove plaque within 24 hours, it hardens into a yellow cement-like material called tartar. Only a dental professional can remove tartar properly.

“I love coffee, blueberries, wine, … the good life”.

If this sounds like you, be careful! Though your love for food and drink is not one we want to separate, these things stain your teeth. Worse, if you eat acidic things, you could be giving yourself acid erosion, which thins the white enamel off the teeth, revealing the yellow layers underneath.


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“Is it something that I’m taking for my health?”

Some medications could stain your teeth. These aren’t found in Canada because we are now aware that some antibiotics cause staining if taken during childhood or pregnancy. Other medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, could also cause yellow teeth.

“I bumped my tooth against _______!”

Especially in childhood, any bumps or trauma to your tooth could cause yellowing.

I grew up in a fluoride-rich area.

The right amount of fluoride strengthens teeth from cavities. In uncontrolled environments, where fluoride levels in the water aren’t regulated, yellow or brown staining is common.

Last, but not least: genetics or aging.

We hate to say it, but sometimes, not everything is in our control. Teeth naturally progress to yellow slowly as we age. Genetics can play a role.

yellow teeth mississauga on dentist

What’s Next?

Regardless of the reason for yellow teeth, if you do not love that feeling, we do not love that feeling. Talk to us about options to get a whiter smile. We offer dental treatment options can give fantastic results in as little as one visit.